6 Recommended Valentine’s Gifts for Teachers
Giving Valentine gifts does not have to be addressed to couples, but can also be given to people who are meritorious, namely teachers. Here are 6 teacher valentine's gifts that are made homemade. As is well known that homemade gifts have a special value for those who receive them, because, in it there is a real struggle from the gift giver. Let's just take a look!

Candy Wreath

teacher valentine gifts
  Candy Wreath can be made with materials such as ribbon, Styrofoam and insulation. Creative design as possible, this gift will look cute and not excessive, very suitable to be used as a valentine gift for the dear teacher.

Marshmallow Biscuits

teacher valentine gifts
  Buy marshmallow biscuits, then take a few pieces and wrap them in plastic. Pack as creatively as possible and label it with the words "Thank you, teacher". Even though it looks very simple, this Valentine's Day gift for the teacher will be so sweet.


teacher valentine gifts
  Make a parcel filled with snacks; it can be a collection of lollipops or other snacks. Prepare a glass cup as a parcel tray, and then assemble the parcel as best you can. Wrap it in the ribbon to give the parcel a sweet look


teacher valentine gifts
  Buy cookies, if you have, choose a sweet one. You can wrap it in a small jar and decorate it with pink ribbons. If you don't have a small jar, you can wrap it in transparent plastic. Decorate with pink ribbons for added sweetness.


teacher valentine gifts
  Books are items that are suitable as a teacher's valentine gift. Choose a book that fits the character. Or to be safe, it doesn't matter if you choose a book in the motivational genre. Anyone would like to read motivational books, as long as from the start that person really has a hobby of reading.


teacher valentine gifts
  Besides giving books as Valentine's gifts to teachers, giving bookmarks is also a good idea. Buy a bookmark that matches your teacher's character. Choosing an abstract theme can certainly be the right choice. Most adults love abstract themes. Those were 6 gift recommendations for teachers that you can use as a reference.

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