Sterling Silver Bracelets for Woman
Since ancient times, humans have used the healing properties of gemstones and minerals, such as the benefits of gold and silver, starting as jewelry, health, and even warding off certain dangers, so that many other Jewelery have mystical powers. In various jewelry stores, you can easily find various jewelery such as sterling silver bracelets. Moreover, women are always synonymous with some of the jewelry that is on hand. For example, like a bracelet. Thus, women who have bracelets will naturally be more confident when they are outside the home, or on other occasions.
sterling silver bracelets
This bracelet sterling silver bracelets is Made of: Handcrafted item, Material: Silver, Closure: Lobster claw, Customizable, Style: Boho & hippie and Made to order. Delicate handmade oxidized sterling silver multi-chain bracelet with exquisite labradorite beading. Finish with a handcrafted sterling silver hoop.
sterling silver bracelets

Measurements, total length - 7 options:

  • 6 inch (15.2 cm).
  • 5 inch (15.6 cm).
  • 7 inch (17.8 cm).
  • 5 inch (19 cm).
  • 8 inch (20.3 cm).
  • 5 inch (21.6 cm).
  • 9 inches (22.9 cm).
sterling silver bracelets

The other specifications are:

  • Labradorite beads - approx.
  • 15 inch (4 mm) silver beads - approx. 0.15 - 0.2 inch (4 - 6 mm).
  • Silver tube - approx. 0.1 x 0.4 inch (3 x 10 mm).
  • Silver hammer circle - approx. 0.6 - 0.8 inch (15 - 20 mm).
sterling silver bracelets
The bracelet will be packaged in an elegant jewelry box. Please note that due to the nature of the stone, each stone may vary slightly in color, shape or size. Every piece of jewelry is unique and unique. Hence the bracelet you will receive will contain very similar stones but not exactly the same as in the photo. That's a few things about sterling silver bracelets for women today.

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