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Home is a comfortable place to release fatigue after a long day of work. For this reason, everyone must have a dream...

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Luxury Home design

For those of you, who like to live a luxury lifestyle, certainly want to live in a luxury home too. In order for your luxury home to be comfortable, this is one of the inspirations for luxury home designs.

Entering the family room, in this part, you can see a spacious room that blends with the dining room and also the clean kitchen. In addition, there is also a room divider made of wood which adds to a more luxurious atmosphere. To help lighting the room, it is using high glass windows and applies a lot of lamps and large chandeliers in a clean kitchen.

The kitchen is designed with an elongated space so that the kitchen looks more spacious. Like the previous room, the kitchen also applies high glass windows so that it helps the maximum lighting system.

The master bedroom is designed with luxurious furniture. For the wall, apply a large glass wall so that the room looks wider. In this room there is also a room that is used to store a collection of bags and clothes.

On the first floor there are rooms that are quite spacious. In this room, like any other room, apply a large glass window so that it can help lighting the room

On the second floor there is a sofa that can be used to watch television with your family.

Behind the house there is a large yard so it can be used as a place for children to play and also can hold various family events there.

With the inspiration of luxury home design can help you to design your dream house to be more comfortable so that you can feel at home living in that house.

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