4 DIY Friendship Bracelet Ideas
For some people, celebrating friendship is mandatory. One of the symbols of friendship celebration is wearing the same accessories. Accessories that are often used as a symbol of friendship are bracelets. If you want a bracelet that is unique, you can make your own DIY friendship bracelet. Well, here are 4 friendship bracelet ideas that you can make yourself together with friends.

Leather Woven Bracelet

diy friendship bracelets
  You only need to look for the material, namely leather straps with a sufficient length of 3 pieces. Also prepare the clamp, the O wire and the bracelet latch. How to make it is also easy, all you have to do is prepare the leather straps, arrange them tightly parallel, then at the end of the 3 sewing ropes with thread. Clamp the rope with clamp clamps, and attach the O wire and latch to the other side.

T-shirt used bracelet

diy friendship bracelets
  This number 2 bracelet idea really determines your creativity. You will have no trouble finding the ingredients. Prepare used t-shirts, threads, sewing needles, wire rings, and key chains. Cut the used t-shirt 2.5 cm wide and roll it up, hook the roll so it doesn't wobble when weaving it. When finished weaving ties the key chain and glue it with glue.

Wool Bracelet

diy friendship bracelets
  Prepare 3 different colors of wool, pliers, and knick-knacks. For each color you have to prepare 9 strands of thread, then tie the tops and divide equally, then braid. Add accessories to the center of the bracelet and to the right and left.

Palacord bracelet

diy friendship bracelets
  To make a DIY friendship bracelet from Paracord, you will need 2 silver palacord strings and 4 blue strings. Prepare matches, scissors, and tape. Cross 2 silver ropes and 4 silver ropes then join them by tying the tops. Hold the ends of the laces on the table with tape; braid all the ropes to the ends. Trim the ends of the ties with a match. The DIY friendship bracelet ideas above you can easily apply. Congratulations on celebrating friendship with your true friends!

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