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Custom Rubber Bracelets Recommendation

Rubber bracelets or silicone wristbands are a great item for many occasions and events. They usually used for charitable activities, fundraising, causes,...

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custom silicone

Rubber bracelets or silicone wristbands are a great item for many occasions and events. They usually used for charitable activities, fundraising, causes, and events. In, you can have your custom rubber bracelets with many designs and also the affordable price! The rubber bracelets from made from 100% silicone. It is the best quality that you can find. It is also latex and lead-free, and SDS certified, so there are no safety concerns. Custom or personalized rubber bracelet can allow us to create something avant-garde, authentic, and unique. Because no one else in this world has the same design as you have. There are many variations of custom rubber bracelets that are available on this website:

Debossed silicone wristband (fastest delivery)


The debossing means that the text and graphics are lasers etched into the band. The Debossed silicone wristbands also can have ink placed into the etched area for a premium look. There are many ways of customizing your debossed bands on this site. You can choose to have either no ink colour or one of over 10 ink colours to fill into the etching. Debossed rubber wristbands with a colour fill have a longer lead time than imprinted bands, so make sure to choose wisely! Debossed wristbands have the longest “lifespan” out of all the silicone printing options.

Embossed silicone wristband


Embossed custom rubber bracelets are where the text and graphics are raising from the band. This way, you can physically feel the letters on the silicone bracelets. Embossed wristbands can also have ink imprinted onto the raised surface of the band. It will create a unique 3-D look to the rubber bracelets. Silicone bands with embossed customization will also have a longer lead time than imprinted silicone bracelets.

Imprinted silicone wristband

custom silicone

Imprinted custom silicone wristbands are the most common and popular type of rubber bracelets. Imprinting means the graphics and text is lying on top of the rubber bracelet with a wear-resistant ink. Since the ink is lying directly on the silicone wristband, you can achieve the most detail from this method-of-customization. In this site, imprinted custom rubber bracelets also have the shortest lead time (as low as one business day). They will be a great and suitable choice if you are in a crunch and need something fast. Imprinting is desirable when making bright coloured rubber bracelets, as the ink helps to distinguish the message from the band. offers various ways of customizing rubber bracelets. The designs that don’t exist on the website, such as a custom USB wristband (flash drive) can still be made for you if you call in. is the best place for you to create custom rubber bracelets. You can visit their website for further information.

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