5 Types of Cool Bracelets for Men
Bracelet accessories are currently not only worn by women, but many men also wear these accessories. Here are 5 types of cool bracelets for men who are trending right now. Are you curious? Read until the end of this article, OK!
cool bracelets for men
  This first bracelet is perfect for those of you who work hard every day and have a lot of contact with gadgets. This health Kifalogic bracelet is equipped with anti-fatigue and anti-radiation magnetic therapy. Inside this Kifalogic bracelet contains a bio-magnetic which contains the following elements:
  • Germanium stone (black) which functions as anti-fatigue and anti-radiation;
  • Red infrared stone) which functions to increase cell vitality and increase body metabolism;
  • Natural bio magnet (silver) which functions to neutralize blood pressure, and
  • Anion stone (white) which functions to improve the respiratory system
cool bracelets for men
  Braided leather bracelets are made with multiple layers of faux leather braid making them easy to match. This bracelet is equipped with a clasp made of metal; this will make the bracelet comfortable and comfortable to wear.
  As the name suggests, this bracelet is specially designed for men so that it has a masculine and exclusive design. Designed with sizes that can be adjusted to the size of the wearer's hand, the material of this distribution's leather pile bracelet is mixed material.
  The men's cuff bangle bracelet is made from 100% new material of the highest quality. This bracelet is made of leather with a choice of white, black, black + white, and coffee. This men's bangle cuff bracelet is 60 cm long and is perfect as a gift for close friends.
  This fifth bracelet is perfect for those of you who like everything that is simple. This bracelet is made of natural agate, namely Black Onyx (Doff), the circumference of the bracelet starts from 16 cm to 18 cm.

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