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Classy Women’s Clothing Tips

What is classy clothing? Being classy means being timeless. The outfits that you buy today will still be wearable ten years from...

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simple classy

What is classy clothing? Being classy means being timeless. The outfits that you buy today will still be wearable ten years from now. Having a sophisticated and classy style means that you can wear your outfits to work, Sunday brunch, a city shopping trip, or travelling the world. You can even go sailing while rocking a classy look! Creating classy outfits is about putting together crucial elements and making sure your style and confidence also shines through. In this article, I will show you the classy clothing tips and look and answer the question of how to dress classy. Let’s get started!

black and white

First, wear neutral colours clothes. Black and white shirts, black dress, or white dress, is a great colour combination that will not make you look too much. You can also add a belt to make the curve of your body more prevalent.

classic wear

I think to accentuate your own body, it is important to use belts so that the garment of your clothes not just hanging loose. This will make your figure more define. Especially if you wear a dress that can’t properly give you the best silhouette or figure for your body. A well-tailored dress is one thing. It is a very important component for looking classy, but having a belt to accentuate your look and body figure is the other thing.


Second, keep things looking tasteful and delicate. In classy clothing, I believe you need to keep things tasteful, looking modest, and delicate when presenting yourself. The key is to not show too much skin, too much makeup, and too much jewellery. Let and keep things simple with few adornments here and there that will still look ‘decent’ if you look at it one-by-one, but look perfectly well-fitted together when you look at the bigger picture.

simple classic

look at how simple this outfit look, but it can already give you some classic vibes!

Third, wear suitable types of accessories. Sunglasses are a must-have accessory that you have to keep in your pocket if you don’t decide to wear it. Watches, bracelets (you can see some of the bracelets recommendations on our website), scarf, earrings, a purse/a bag, belt (we’ve discussed it earlier), and high heels. These are some of the suggestions to add for you to look more classy:

  • Earrings: small silver or gold hoops, pearl or diamond studs.
  • Bracelet: silver or gold bangles (one heavy or several delicate), tennis bracelet, watch (gold or silver with metal or leather band).
  • Necklace: Long pendants, pearls, diamond solitaire, cross.
  • Ring: Not necessary, but if you do, go either delicate or statement. Thin bands, diamonds, or heirloom rings are fine, and everyone should have one cocktail ring to wear to events or dress up your jeans. Stick to ring and/or middle fingers only.
  • Scarf: Scarves are a great way to add colour and visual interest to a sophisticated outfit. Particularly if the scarf is bright or with an interesting pattern, again, cotton, silk, and wool are the best fabric options. Try multiple colours and fabrics, with light silk or cotton for spring and thicker wool ones for winter. Florals, paisleys, stripes, and solids are great options.
simple classy

This is one of the examples of simple jewellery statement that still give you a classy looking.


Your footwear is also an important point that will be able to give different impressions for your outfit. Make sure to match your shoes or high heels with your desired occasion, but also don’t forget to prioritize your feeling of comfort when you wear your favourite shoes. Looking good is important, but make sure you enjoy it while doing it.


Last but not least, wear the light shade of makeup. Only wear a light tone for your blush on. Put on some mascara to open up your eyes, add some blush to bring some life and dimension to a face, and wear a bold lip to add a pop of colour. Makeup will make a huge difference to the completeness of your classy look. You can wear red lipstick for a bold look. But still, in conclusion, the key to looking classy is to keep it looking simple, tasteful, and delicate at the same time.

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