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5 Types Bangle Charm Bracelets Present

The presence of bangle bracelets indeed brings its own color to the world of accessories, both for women and men. This article...

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bangle charm bracelets

The presence of bangle bracelets indeed brings its own color to the world of accessories, both for women and men. This article focuses on women’s bangle bracelets, which have captivated millions of women in the world. Here are 5 types of bangle bracelets that have an undeniable charm.

Heart-Shaped Women’s Fashion Bangle

bangle charm bracelets


Acrylic multicolor pendant bracelet made by manual technology. This bracelet product is included in hand ornament products that are individually packaged. Has a heart pendant in various colors ranging from white, purple, green, red, and pink, and so on. The type of this fashion bangle bracelet is the bracelet. You can find this bangle charm bracelet on the marketplace, where this accessory product is already sold freely.

Heart Crystal Charm Bracelet Bangle

bangle charm bracelets


This heart crystal bangle bracelet product looks luxurious and is made of gold weighing 666 grams, with the metal type Zinc. It has a snake chain design in a trendy style. It has a size of 20 cm with crystal and glass beads that are environmentally friendly. This bangle charm bracelet is suitable for birthday gifts, valentine’s gifts, engagement gifts, and so on.

Custom Bangle Bracelets

bangle charm bracelets


This type of custom bangle bracelet is a type of bracelet that is being favored by women today. Custom bangle bracelets have various color choices, ranging from silver, rose gold, and gold. What’s interesting about this bracelet is that you can choose or be free to customize with any writing, can engrave on one side or on both sides (outside or inside).

Korean Fashion Panlandwoo Bangle Bracelet

bangle charm bracelets


The Panlandwoo Fashion Korean bangle bracelet is made of Rhodium and Cubic Zirconia. This bracelet has three color choices, namely Rose Gold, Silver, and Gold. It has a diameter of 5.6 cm and a height of 5 cm.

Gold Bangle Bracelet with Letter G Shape

bangle charm bracelets


Fashion letter G on gold bangle bracelet has 3 big stone color charms. The three colors of the stone are black, gold, and red, made of stainless steel metal.

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