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Baby Toys for 6-Month-Old

What are the most suitable toys for a 6-month-old baby? Babies always love to play with toys, especially at the age of...

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What are the most suitable toys for a 6-month-old baby? Babies always love to play with toys, especially at the age of 6 months. It is also when they begin to eat solid food as well. These are some baby toys suggestions for 6 months old babies:

HOMOFY Baby Toys Funny Changeable Hammer Toys

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This toy has two modes: learning mode and entertaining mode. This funny hammer toy will make many different funny sounds under the Entertaining Mode. It can also change to make the baby able to learn numbers and count under the Learning Mode. The different experiences from this toy can stimulate babies curiosity and desire for exploration. It also has cute cartoon characters. The characters will change their expression. Have a shake, and you can see so many colours from the hammer button beads. The collision produces a rustling sound, which helps the baby to learn to understand colours and shapes. Press the head button to play music or songs. Each pounding will trigger sounds and lights to attract the baby to practice his arms and improve his grabbing ability. So that it can bring more fun for your 6 months baby.

LNKOO Baby Toys, Roly Poly Toys for 6 Month Babies Developmental Tumblers

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This toy is a two in one baby sensory and crawling toys including Roly-Poly chick, the Tumbler toy with a small bell, and different functions for baby early education. The colourful chick with creative painting stimulates babies’ senses of colours. They will interact with your little one by blinking eyes, shake your body when playing music or shaken, which brings a lot of fun. The Built-in bell made for training babies’ auditory senses. The Dancing chick built-in bell will comfort your crying baby and promote sleep at bedtime and increase entertainment for babies. This toy is a safe design for babies because it made of toxic-free, Lead/BPA/Phthalate free, anti-broken and environment-friendly material, meet CE toys safety standard. All the edge are smooth and safe for babies to touch. The hands of the Tumbler chick is made with teether to protect babies’ gum.

HOMOFY Baby Toys Musical Learning Table


This musical learning table toy can lights up and allows for free play, classic melodies, and introduces baby to colours. The learning table also has do, re, mi, fa which is a simple start and simple experience of music.


The colourful image and beautiful voice can draw attention to learning. Explore sounds, songs and instruments such as the piano. Playing music at the same time will flash beautiful lights. There are bird, elephant and dog’s voices. You can hear the voice of these cute animals. Allows baby to toggle from sound discovery to language discovery. There is also a beautiful giraffe to play with your lovely baby. In conclusion, I hope this article can help you to choose the best toys for your baby.

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