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7 Wooden Serving Trays Recommendation

There are many wooden serving trays out there. In this article, I will show you 7 wooden serving trays recommendation that you...

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There are many wooden serving trays out there. In this article, I will show you 7 wooden serving trays recommendation that you need to consider.

Wooden Serving Tray with Handles


This decorative wooden serving tray is a stylish tray that is going to be a suitable wooden tray option for you! With 16.6 x 12.6 inches dimensions, this large tray fits perfectly on any kitchen or dining table, couch, sofa, coffee table, large ottoman tray, or accent table.

Serving Tray Wooden Tray with Handle


This wooden serving tray is classic and elegant. Made of solid wood material that is very sturdy, the wooden serving tray can be used for a long time, non-toxic and odourless.

Tip-Top Table Top Wood Serving Tray with Handles and 4 Coaster Set 20 x 12 in Rustic Wooden Tray


If you, like to adore the beauty of the natural wood grain in a dark, alluring finish, then you’ll naturally love this Tip-Top Table Top Wood Tray!

AuldHome Rustic Wood Serving Tray


This beautiful tray has a size of 17 inches long by 13 inches wide x 3 inches high (height with handle). It is a great option to choose from as a serving tray, ottoman tray, coffee table tray, or decorative tray.

Round Wood Serving Tray


This round wood serving tray has a natural brown wood colour on it. It has a stunning and beautiful quality.

Hammont Wooden Nested Serving Trays


These wooden serving trays are made of original wood grain material to ensure durability and stability. The material is environment-friendly which adds a natural touch to any room. There are five wood serving trays in one package and each tray comes in a different size.

FANICHI Serving Tray and Platter Set of 4


This wood serving tray set is made of 100% solid wood! They are durable, easy to clean and more sturdy than stoneware, bamboo, plastic, and glass. All in all, I hope you can find the best serving tray for you through this article!

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