Wood end Tables

7 Wood end Tables of Office Desks 2021

Types of office desks and sizes vary widely from shape to use. You can see it directly if you visit an office...

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7 wood end tables

Types of office desks and sizes vary widely from shape to use. You can see it directly if you visit an office or a company, usually, there are many types and kinds of office desks that are used.

Board of Directors Work Desk

7 wood end tables


The work desk for directors or executives must be different from the usual desks used in the company. Why is it different? Because in the workroom of the board of directors/executives, a high-ranking company official often holds important meetings with clients regarding negotiations or deals on a large project.

Meeting Work Desk

7 wood end tables


The next work table is the company meeting table. We know that the use of this table is for the meeting and gathering of many people to discuss something important at the same table.

Staff Work Desk

7 wood end tables


Staff work desks also differ depending on the type of activity they perform. Usually, the work table used is adjusted to its position as well. For example, for customer service or call centers using work desks in the form of insulated booths.

Secretary Work Desk

7 wood end tables


The secretary table also has different uses and characteristics from other desks in the office. Usually the most common is to use a letter L table with your back to the wall.

Reception Desk

7 wood end tables


The desk which is located in front of the company after entering the office is also very important. Because this table is a general description of how the office is inside.

Wall Workbench

7 wood end tables


Usually, to take advantage of space so that you can fit more employees or in a narrow room, there is one table that is suitable for use in this condition, namely a work table attached to the wall.

Standing Workbench

7 wood end tables


Usually, this table is used to do work while standing without the need for a chair. This table is used to put a laptop or printer that can be operated while standing because it is often used by various people in the office.

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