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7 Small Wooden Trays Recommendation

There are many wooden trays that you can choose from. In this article, I will show you 7 wooden trays recommendation that...

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There are many wooden trays that you can choose from. In this article, I will show you 7 wooden trays recommendation that you will not want to miss out on.



This classic small wooden tray has the size of 5X7 inches with a frame height is 2 cms. The tray is handmade using mango wood which is polished and lacquered. This tray is a good option for you because it is strong yet light and functional.

Wood Two-Tier Versatile Tray with 2-Metal Handles


This beautiful dark wooden tray looks timeless. It is uniquely made with an exclusive design. Each tray is different. This beautiful 2-story wooden tray can hold up to 24 large cupcakes. You can also use it as a one 2 story tray or have two 1 level trays.

Personalized Small Wooden Decorative Tray


This personalized small wooden tray is not only useful but also beautiful in its own way! The dimension if this small wooden tray is 7in x 5in, 1in deep, and 3in high for sides with handles. There are 36 paint colours that you can choose, or you can also leave it as raw (sanded) wood for a more natural aesthetic.

Dark wooden snack tray


This dark wooden snack tray has the size of 6X10 inches with its frame height is 2 cms. The tray is shaped in a way that it can be stacked and stored easily.

Thai wooden serving platters


This Thai wooden tray has the natural shape of a tree. The length of this wooden tray is 13cm with a width of also 13cm. It has a natural wood grain pattern, making this wooden tray a really unique tray for serving.

Handmade Small Wooden Oval Jewellery Key Coin Tray Natural Brown


This best-selling wooden jewellery tray is a really good option for you! Beautifully handcrafted, this small wooden tray has the dimension of L 20cm x W 7.5cm x H 1.9cm (inner 6.1cm x 18.6cm). You can personalize up to 10 letters or numbers on this tray.

Small Olive Wood Tea Tray


This small olive wooden tea tray has a size of length 20 cm, width 30 cm, and high 3 cm. This wooden tray has a smooth surface and it is harder to scratch compared to other trees. In conclusion, I hope you can find the most suitable wooden tray for you from this article.

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