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7 Round Wood Serving Trays

The wood serving tray is a nice tray to have. These are 7 round wood serving trays that you need to put...

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The wood serving tray is a nice tray to have. These are 7 round wood serving trays that you need to put into considerations are as follows:

Walnut 18″ Decorative round wooden serving tray

serving tray

This decorative round wooden serving tray is a lovely versatile wooden tray with walnut stain. Each piece of wood is unique, with different knots, grains, imperfections and stains differently, so no two trays will look exactly alike.

Round Personalized Wood Serving Tray

serving tray

You can personalize this round wood serving tray with your name on it. This round wooden serving tray is homemade with permanent vinyl and wood stained.

Custom Ocean Resin Serving Tray


This unique custom serving tray ocean is a water-resistant and washable tray. It has a gloss finish with a final resin layer that creates an even surface. The size of this round serving tray is 15″ diameter x 2″.

Handmade Japanese Style Round Tray


This Japanese round wood tray is a simple wood tray with a unique wood texture. The wood material is natural and clean, able to contact with food directly.

Round Wood Serving Tray


This big and round wood serving tray can be personalized. The size of this wood serving tray is 1″ thick and 23″ wide. The front and back of each tray will be stained with the colour of your choice. The tray is uniquely handmade. Therefore, no two trays will be alike. Stains may also vary in shade based on variations in the colour of the natural wood.

Personalized Round Wood Sign


This tray has a perfect design for your wood tray as you can personalize it. It has the size of 18 inches in diameter and can be completely customized to your liking. There are 3 stain options golden oak, American walnut, and Kona.

Acacia Wood Decorative Serving Tray Painted with Acrylic and Resin, 15 inches Round


This wooden serving tray is rare, avant-garde, and uniquely made for one and only customer! If you don’t get a chance to buy this uniquely made wood tray, don’t worry. There are still many unique decorative wood trays in this store. In conclusion, I hope this article can help you to find the best round wood tray for you.

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