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7 DIY Wood Project Ideas (MUST SEE!)

The are many cool and interesting things that you can make and create with wood! Want to know more? Let’s dive right...

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The are many cool and interesting things that you can make and create with wood! Want to know more? Let’s dive right into this article.

Wall Mounted Shelf

Source: walmart.com

You can make a DIY of a wall-mounted shelf with your own unique design. Decorate your room with your own style to make your room uniquely ‘YOU’. This DIY shelf can make your room becomes more comfortable to live in.

Wood Charging Station

Source: homemadebycarmona.com

Remake your wood blocks to be a purposeful wood charging station. This wood charging station is not only nice to add to your room as tiny room decor but also good to be an accessory with a purpose.

Wooden Candle Holders

Source: walmart.com

Are you a person who likes to light candles in your home? If so, you can make your own wooden candle holders too! There are many styles that you can create with your own taste and likings.

AkoaDa 100 Pcs Christmas Tree Decorations

Source: Walmart.com

Making a DIY Christmas tree ornament is also a good choice that you need to try! You can buy the tree decoration from this brand and paint it as you please. Also, you can create the ornament all by yourself too.

Welcome Sign

Source: walmart.com

Making a welcome sign for your home is a MUST! As it can make a good impression that people first see when they see your house. I just think it is good to put a welcome sign in front of your house. Especially if you create it yourself.

Rope Towel Holder

Source: www.prudentpennypincher.com

Simple and affordable, placing this rope towel holder in your room can make many differences. It is not only a good place for placing your towel but also able to make your room looks more organized.

Ball Jar Storage

Source: skinnymeg.com/

This ball jar storage is a good choice for you. It is great for holding your makeup brushes, lipsticks, q-tips, toothbrush, and anything that you want to keep here so that you can put and take your stuff more easily! All in all, I hope you can get inspired by reading this article!


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